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Respiratory therapy with RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL

For head colds to allergy symptoms to chronic sinusitis – diseases of the upper airways are common and impair the quality of life of those affected.

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is a respiratory therapy device for mobilising and removing secretions in the nasopharyngeal space. When RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is used, a positive pressure and vibrations are produced when the patient exhales through the nose that are then transmitted to the entire nasopharyngeal space.

The RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device

  • frees the nose and nasal sinuses of mucus in cases of chronic sinusitis
  • relieves coughing in cases of post-nasal drip syndrome
  • lowers bronchial hyperreagibility for patients with bronchial asthma
  • improves ventilation of the middle ear in the event of tubal ventilation disorders
  • regenerates nasal mucosa in the event of nasal spray addiction (Privinism)
  • prevents infections of the lower airways

Respiratory therapy with RC-Cornet® PLUS Tracheo

Because of the irritation caused by tracheal tubes, tracheostomised patients may produce increased amounts of mucus in the bronchi.

RC-Cornet® PLUS Tracheo is a respiratory therapy device used to alleviate this symptom. It produces an oscillating positive exhalation pressure as the patient exhales that expands the airways and mobilises thick bronchial mucus. Regular use makes it easier for tracheostomised patients to cough up phlegm and reduces the urge to cough and its frequency.

RC-Cornet® PLUS Tracheo is a variant of RC-Cornet® PLUS. The respiratory therapy device can be connected tightly to the cannula (tube) of the tracheostoma by mean a special tracheo connector.

Notes: Patients who have an open tracheostoma can use RC-Cornet® PLUS with the aid of RC-Mask Tracheostoma.

The respiratory therapy device RC-Cornet® PLUS Tracheo

  • mobilises thick bronchial mucus
  • makes it easier to cough up phlegm