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Sefam Medical UK

Stand: RB50

Sefam UK, part of France's 40-year legacy in high-quality CPAP devices, offers the latest cloud-connected devices, cost-effective masks, and the "Sunrise" sleep system in the UK market. With an experienced team and strong customer focus, we provide seamless adoption of innovative sleep technologies.


Unit 6 Blackthorn Way, Five Mile Business Park, Washingborough
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • S.Box

    22 Aug 2023
    The Sefam S. Box revolutionises sleep medicine by empowering patient co-management. Integrating lifestyle and health parameters, it offers personalised treatment. Features like Bluetooth® connectivity ...
  • The S.Box Duo S/ST bilevel devices by Sefam offer innovative management for COPD-OSA Overlap Syndrome. Designed for non-invasive ventilation support, they provide efficient monitoring, remote control, ...
  • SEFAM Connect

    22 Aug 2023
    SEFAM Connect is a cloud-based solution for healthcare providers, offering machine monitoring, compliance data transmission, and remote access to settings. With simple graphs and tables, alert program ...
  • SEFAM Analyze

    22 Aug 2023
    SEFAM Analyze is a desktop data management software for healthcare professionals using the S.Box platform. It enables compliance data recovery, in-depth analysis, custom report creation, seamless inte ...
  • CPAP Masks

    22 Aug 2023
    The Breeze series of CPAP masks by SEFAM offers comfort and customization. From the lightweight Zen to the robust Facial Comfort, these masks provide options for universal fit, high-pressure treatment ...
  • Sunrise

    22 Aug 2023
    Sunrise is a novel technology for sleep apnea analysis, measuring mandibular movements to detect respiratory events. Non-invasive and disposable, it offers accurate home-based insights into sleep patt ...

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