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Your Speaker Marketing Guide

Your Speaker Marketing Guide


Welcome to your Respiratory Professional Care Speaker Marketing Guide! 

Our handy guide shows you how to use social media and other tools to make sure your theatre is bursting at the seams with engaged, relevant people. Read on for some nifty marketing hacks that are sure to make you and your session stand out above the rest. 

1. Use your free downloadable speaker banners

We have made you some free downloadable banners. Slip these banners into as much content ( social media posts, emails, PR blasts etc) as you can to make sure even the busiest delegates know you’ll be there.


Social Media is a great place to post your banners to let delegates know the what’s, where’s and when’s of your session. When using our banners and social media to promote your session, make sure you:

  • Give your audience the key information (date, place, theatre, content) in every post

  • Use the event website link in as many posts as possible

  • #Hashtag! Use the event hashtags (#) and handle (@) to make your post more searchable and extend its reach beyond your followers

  • Pictures speak a thousand words! Use images, as well as our free downloadable banners as much as possible.

  • Get filming! Videos and soundbites are engaging ways to deliver a message

  • Reply! Social media is made for exchanges, so ALWAYS reply to comments, questions and engagements.

  • Add us to your lists so you can see what we’re doing and retweet quickly and easily.

2. Give us your Twitter handle (@) 

This means we can tag you (and you can tag us back!) This will help us extend our reach and visibility to each other's Twitter followers and networks. 

3. Send us a video or soundbite to splash across our social media

Get interactive! A video/soundbite speaks a thousand words. This will allow you to give viewers a sneak peek into your session, and will generate curiosity. You can do this on your mobile phone, send us audio files- whatever takes your fancy! 

Make sure you answer the right questions:

 Why is your session vital for them to attend?

What problems will it help them overcome?

What questions will it answer?

How can it improve the running of an organisation?

You tell us and we will spread the word!

Send your content to to get the ball rolling and get promoting!

These quick but effective marketing techniques will make sure your session sticks in delegates’ minds. If you peak interest in the run up to the show this will drive an engaged, interested audience to your theatre at show time.

We look forward to working with you to launch a monumental Respiratory Professional Care!

The Respiratory Professional Care Team