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2022 Programme

2022 Programme

Respiratory Skills Theatre
  1. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    How can software aid quality assured spirometry
    Spirometry is the recommended objective test performed to identify abnormalities in lung volumes and ...
  2. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Digital therapeutics. Scaling healthcare for all.
    In this session we will discuss the evidence behind myCOPD and how my mhealth in the first year of t ...
  3. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Session sponsored by Hamilton
  4. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Session sponsored by Aerogen
  5. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    High Velocity Therapy; Mask-Free NIV in Acute Respiratory Distress
    An introduction to high velocity therapy and its application in the management of patients in acute ...
  6. Respiratory Skills Theatre
  7. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    The Fox, the Chicken and the Grain: Respiratory diseases in a multi-morbid digital world - sponsored by Health and Care Innovations Limited (HCI)
    For so many patients, their respiratory disease is one of many conditions and like the farmer who ha ...
  8. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Session sponsored by Vyaire
  9. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Management of COPD Symptoms Through Effective Sputum Clearance
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects up to three million people in the UK. Sputum pr ...
  10. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Buteyko is a breathing technique which can ' improve asthma symptoms, quality of life and reduce the ...