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11 Oct 2023
  1. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation: What, Who, Why, When?Gain an insight and further your knowledge and understanding of the referral, assessment and enrolment process of a patient into Pulmonary Rehabilitation ...
  2. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Home telemonitoring in COPD
    To present 20 years of home telemonitoring for COPD experiences
  3. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Innovation in Asthma Care - How testing for allergic triggers has helped improve asthma care in the West Midlands
    Allergic asthma forms the commonest form of asthma and its associated comorbid allergic rhinitis. House dust mite sensitisation for example is associated with asthma onset and severity. Patients with hay fever are also at risk of severe asthma attacks. Sensitisation to allergens also forms large part of occupational asthma. This talk will aim to highlight the burden of allergy in asthma, its investigation and management
  4. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    The Buteyko Breathing Association (BBA) is an organisation of healthcare professionals trained in Buteyko techniques to treat breathing pattern disorders. We aim to promote and sharing the evidence-based practice of Buteyko breathing techniques in healthcare settings. We provide breathing re-education/ re-training for adults and children with or without asthma and other breathing related conditions e.g. long covid. The BBA provide an online teacher training course for healthcare professionals to become accredited in this technique.
  5. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Proactive Ventilation Management with Transcutaneous CO2 Monitoring
    The purpose of this presentation is to help clinicians understand how tcPCO2 monitoring can be a valuable parameter in the adult respiratory population, from their stay in a critical care unit to the ...
  6. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    You are the key to getting to a diagnosis of occupational lung disease early. Workers have a much better prognosis if the cause of their disease can be removed within a year of the first symptom. It's a simple question that needs to be added to the clinical history: "does your breathing feel better away from work or on holidays" This can then be the key to finding a cause and removal of that cause, which may lead to resolution of symptoms and a halt to disease progression.
  7. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Managing severe COPD remains a key challenge within the NHS, despite improvements in the delivery of inhaled therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and non-invasive ventilation. NIV plays an increasingly i ...
  8. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    The Musical Breath : Singing for Lung Health – a creative toolkit to manage breathlessness
12 Oct 2023
  1. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    ONIRIS Clinically Proven Oral Appliance: a complementary/alternative therapy to CPAP for snoring and OSA
  2. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    -      During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has addressed a significant public health concern by releasing a medical device safety update regarding pulse oximeters. ...
  3. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Smoking Cessation: Developing conversations to support behaviour change
    Increasing opportunities to encourage a quit attempt
  4. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    A point-of-care testing (POCT) system is a medical diagnostic approach that allows healthcare professionals to perform rapid, on-site diagnostic tests at or near the location where patient care is pro ...
  5. Respiratory Skills Theatre
    Optimising the management of malnutrition in COPD patients