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Llinos Jones

Llinos Jones

Llinos Jones

Consultant Respiratory Physician with a Specialist interest in Asthma, Midyorkshire nhs trust
Dr Llinos Jones is a Consultant Respiratory Physician with a Specialist interest in Asthma and is the Clinical Lead for Physician Associates at Midyorkshire NHS Trust. She studied at Nottingham, and moved to Leeds to complete her postgraduate Specialist training and her Masters in Clinical Education. She has a keen interest in Medical Education, and helped set up the British Thoracic Society e-learning platform. Since setting up a multidisciplinary Difficult Asthma service in Dewsbury, she’s become keen to help address Health Inequalities, and over the last few years has worked to create a variety of multilingual and multimedia resources for asthma patients. She has founded a national repository with the Respiratory Futures team for these, and continues to work towards improving inclusivity and our understanding of the cultural aspects of asthma care.